The Serenity wellness project

Serenity - A state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. The absence of mental stress or anxiety.

Why are you here?

Are you so lost in your GRIEF, following the loss of a loved one or something significant to you, that it is beginning to overwhelm you?

Are you so consumed by TRAUMA that you are finding it difficult to cope with the rippling effects seeping into every part of your life?

Have you been trying to manage this in ways that are not working? Have you been seeking unhealthy ways of trying to cope? Have you perfected your “I’m fine” response, trying to protect what you want others to see?

Are you seeking WELLNESS? Are you feeling unfulfilled or like you are not functioning at your best? Do you need help with setting better boundaries or forming better habits? Learning how to balance key areas of your life is an important part of achieving wellness.

I am Jessica, founder of The Serenity Wellness Project and if any of these sound like you, this may be the perfect place.

Here you can find help with managing the complex emotions that stem from your experience with grief or trauma, and the ways they are spilling over into your daily life.

Alternatively, we can work on your wellness journey, helping you to find the balance you feel you are missing.

“When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we’re not alone."

- Fred Rogers

What if it all works out?

Your life does not have to stay as it is, it can change. Now is the time to find better ways to manage your grief and the effects of trauma. You deserve more than a life of pain, guilt and feeling like things are not enough.

The Serenity Wellness Project can help guide you to a stronger and healthier place. Click Get In Touch to book your free 20 minute consultation.

“Be open to things working out different than you expected. There is more than one way to get where you’re going.”

- Nakeia Homer

The aim of The Serenity Wellness Project is to help all those lost in their own emotions, to understand and manage the effects of grief and trauma and achieve wellness in their life.

We are based in Greenville, South Carolina and provide Online Therapy to anyone over the age of 18 with a permanent residence in the state of South Carolina. Click Things to Know for answers to commonly asked questions.

What we specialize in

The affects of grief may be greater than you realized. Some days you may feel like you are barely holding it together; the anxiety and depression can seem to be taking over. Everyone has their own timeline for processing grief, seeking support can help. 

Disassociation and despair can be all consuming, leaving you in an almost constant state of panic and fear. Therapy can help identify the fundamental thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

Life may not necessarily be sad or tough, you may just be realizing that you are seeking balance and more quality time. Talking this through can help you find tools to cultivate peace within yourself.